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Daneshmand Chemical Trading Group Private Equity certificates

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The chemical and petrochemical group of Pouyan Trading (a special joint stock company) scientist, with the prospect that: one day as the best business in terms of providing quality products and services to the consumer and buyer in the region, and one of the stimulus arms The economy of the country. It continues to do business and hopes to be transformed into a vast country in its turn.



  • Enjoying more than experienced and expert people
  • More use of tools and technologies of the world to advance the purposes
  • Increased production with anti-foam core
  • Efforts to improve the quality of products and services
  • Moving to global markets and promoting cooperation with neighboring and European countries in the coming years



Customer-centric: The company strives, as in the past, to use its experienced technical staff in timely delivery and service and provide expert services in the production of finished products and the correct selection of the basic material required by the customer, as the main supplier and loyal to Operate your customers.
Product diversity: Due to the increasing number of trading companies in the market and the emergence of competition to boost sales, these companies have to create variety in products. Therefore, in order to keep up with the needs of customers, efforts to increase the variety In products to provide the best possible service to our customers.

Qualitative control: The company, using its European know-how and modern control equipment and technical know-how to its management day, always strives to produce the quality of its raw materials in order to produce quality products and raw materials to producer and partner companies. Keep it as steady as possible.