Powder alkali buffer

Alkaline Buffer agent

Alkali powder is used for reactive droplets.



Appearance Colorless viscose liquid
PH 7 ~ 8
Ionic nature Anionics - Nannyonics
Solubility It is dissolved in any part of the cold and hot water


Physical Specifications

It is a good alternative both in terms of consumption and price, rather than a large amount of sodium carbonate.

Usually, after the sampling step, at 40-60 ° C, the color of the vinyl sulfone or the bifunctional paints is added to the color of the paint, and the coloration is continued for 30-60 minutes.

It can also be added for initial washing or bleaching.


Applied description

The overall ratio of this substance is usually 1/10 sodium carbonate and varies depending on depth and color. The proposed amount of consumption in the grub system is according to the percentage of color used as follows.

Color percentage 1% 1-2% 2-3% 3-5% Up to 5%
Amount of consumable buffer g / l 1.5 g / l 2 g / l 3 g / l 4 4 g / l + 0.5 g / l

It is recommended that you check the amount of the dye based on the type and amount of dye, process type and amount of PH in the lab, then use dyeing.



It can be used at temperatures of 25 ° C and less than 45 ° C, away from direct sunlight for 12 months