Carrier (liquid and powder)


This material is effective for correcting the monotony created by polyester dyeing.



Appearance Colorless viscose liquid
PH 7 ~ 8
Ionic nature Anionics - Nannyonics
Solubility It is dissolved in any part of the cold and hot water


Physical Specifications

  • Physical properties of the polyester fiber swell to absorb more dyestuffs
  • Dispersing and dye uniformity
  • Inefficiency in dye stability
  • Create transparency and enhance the color depth
  • Creating a soft and subtle hand
  • Resistant in alkaline and acidic environments
  • No foaming
  • Suitable for dyeing polyester at boiling temperature and high temperature.


Applied description

For dyeing polyester with disperse dyes, lit / g 3-1

To correct the flattened flatness of the fabric



At 25 ° C, away from direct sunlight and heat, it can be used for 12 months.