Di-sodium lauryl ether sulfosuccinate

Di-sodium lauryl ether sulfosuccinate

It is an anionic detergent with a low sensitivity to the eyes and skin, which has a good foam and is compatible with anionic, nannyon and amphoteric detergents.



Active anionic percentage 32% - 30%
Ph1% 7% - 5%
Percent sodium sulfite free 0
color light yellow
Microbial test Cfu / gr 0
Percentage of dry matter At least 38%
Molecular weight 550gr / grmol
Density at 20 ° C 1-1.5 g / cm3
Appearance at 25 degrees Completely transparent



This material is used because of its subtlety and a lot of foam in some cases, such as baby shampoos, detergents and lotions, and handwashing liquid.



Store at temperatures above zero degrees Celsius.