Dioctanolamine fatty acid coconut (Loramide)

Dioctanolamine fatty acid coconut

It is used as a stabilizing agent for the final product, emulsifier, viscous sanitizing fluid, and it has a softening effect on the skin and the hair due to the use of coconut oil and matches the anionic, cationic and amphoteric surfactants.



Color Pale yellow liquid
Free Amino percentage Maximum 4%
Ph 10% 9 - 11
The percentage of free fatty acids Maximum 0.5%
Total amide percentage 2% + - 82%
Titanium Total Amine Total Titanium 1% + - 28%
Unity Anionic
Moisture content Maximum 0.6%
Free ester Up to 8%
Glycerin 10% - 9%



It is used in the manufacture of all types of detergents, and improves the skin and improves skin irritation and makes the hair conditionable.



Keep at temperatures below 30 ° C and away from moisture.