Soften the Cayenne Flake (Iranian FCS-500)


This substance is a softener in the form of a flake and no dusing effect that is very effective on natural, synthetic and compound fibers as well as textiles.



Apprearance Flush
1:10 PH solution 5 to 4
Ionic nature Cationic
Nature Fatty amide
Percent solids


Ability to dissolve It can be diluted in hot water at 56 degrees
Safety According to our experience, this substance does not have any effect on health


Applied description

  • It is a cationic softener that is compatible with resin electrolytes and provides a soft texture to the fabric. This material whitens the painted fibers. In electrolyte, the color is slowly evacuated, it helps to uniformly distribute the product in the fabric and make the finished fabric soft and delicate.
  • This material will yellow if not diluted. So you have to add 20 parts of the material to 80 grams of warm water, 56 degrees, while adding water to it, dilute it.



Packages of 25 kg PE