Reactive Fixer


This material is a non-formalized polymer compound used to fix reactive and direct dyes.



Appearance Concentrated and almost liquid liquid
At a temperature of 25 ° PH 5 ~ 6
chemical mixture Based on polymer and mineral materials
Ionic structure Cationic
Solubility Easily dissolves in water
Percentage of dry matter 39%
Density at 25 ° C 1.15


Physical Specifications

  • This substance improves the stability of the washing of reactive dyed fabrics and does not affect the light stability of the paint.
  • With temperature variations there is a possibility of fade, but in the final quality it will not have any effect.
  • Compatible with nano-nonic and cationic finishing materials and can be used in a bath.
  • It can be used in both continuous and scrubbing systems.
  • With mediums containing sulfate there is no problem with no foam, and will not have a negative effect on the substrate.


Applied description

Capture system

After dyeing with direct or reactive dye, weighing 1-2,% according to the color depth of 4-4 and 30-40 ° C.

Of course, a full rinse is also recommended before use.



110 kg plastic barrels are sealed in containers and can be kept at room temperature for 6 months.