Silicone anti-foam ISD-150


ISD-150 is an effective defoamer in many aqueous coatings, adhesives and polymers. It is easily dispersible. It may be used in both the grind and let-down applications



Opaque, Beige liquid


Specific Gravity,250C

400 cps

> 1490C(>3000F) Flash Point(ASTM D3278-96)


Application & Recommendation

Flat, eggshell and semi- gloss architectural coatings. Tint-base architectural coating. Plywood primers. Masonry paints. Polymer based adhesives. Vacuum stripping of polymer emulsion. Spray booth cleaners. Low viscosity. Easily incorporated with mild agitation. Promotes efficient release of entrapped air. Will not adversely affect color acceptance. It should be added neat to the foaming system at a point of good agitation. Post additions of defoamer during tinting or other operations should be added separately, and the batch then agitated sufficiently before adding other ingredients.


Storage and packing

It will not freeze under normal conditions. However, it becomes very viscous extended exposure to temperatures below 50C(۴۰0F).