Silicone anti-foam ISD-200


Anti-fouling silicone ISD-200 is silicone-free, which has no disturbing impurities in the production process. Its good properties are low viscosity and high strength. This product is available in a wide range of textile, dyeing and fabrication industries. Concrete additives, drilling, detergent and so on.



Apprearance Liquid
Color Milky Way
Ionic nature Nanyonik
Density at (25 ° C) 1/003 grams per cubic centimeter
Solubility Dissolvent quickly in cold water
Soluble PH (10%)

7/5 ~ 6/5

Viscosity at (25 ° C) 450 centimeters
Direct PH

6 ~ 5

Chemical base Polydimethylsiloxane
Viscosity 5mm 15see
density 1
Solid percent

22 ~ 20

Freezing point 3 degrees Celsius
save Prevent freezing


Applied Description

  • How to use: Anti-fouling ISD-200 can be added at all stages of production.
  • The best performance in neutral, acidic and alkaline environments is up to pH 10.



Barrels are 100, 50 and 200 kg.