Silicone anti-foam ISD-2200HT


Antifoam ISD-2200HT is a non-ionic nature silicone emulsion that is used to prevent foaming or foaming and is usable in all non-aqueous systems.



Appearance White liquid
Ionic nature Nanyonik
Solubility in water The unique ability to disperse in cold water


Applied description

  • This material is a foaming agent in various systems.
  • It has a high foaming ability and a high shelf life in the paint and varnish industry, resin, and detergent.
  • Usable in detergent industry is a resin paint that uses this material to change the color of the water and in the final quality of the paint
  • And the material produced will be very effective.
  • Applicable to spraying processes, the agricultural industry, resulting in more complete coverage of plants and longer life spraying equipment.
  • Usable in shaving, washing, printing and finishing processes in textile industry.



0.05-1.5 g / liter (depending on the need and power of consideration)

This anti-foam should be kept at a temperature of -40-5 ° C and protected from frost. In these conditions, it can be stored in storage for up to 9 months and it is better to be restored before use.