Silicone anti-foam ISD-300


Antiseptic ISD-300 is a silicone antifreeze that can be used in many industries such as emulsion resin production, paper, oil refining, drilling and other chemical processes, such as textile industry. In addition, the equipment used does not cause corrosion. Since the ISD-300 is not flammable, there are no problems with flammable vapors.



Appearance Jelly liquid
color Glacier white
Chemical base Polydimethylsiloxane
Ionic nature Nanyonik
Solubility Easily disperses
Soluble PH (10%) 7/5 ~ 6/5
Direct PH 5/5 ~ 4/5
Solid percent 34 ~ 32
Viscosity 25 degrees S4 R100 1950
density 1
Freezing point 5 ° C


Applied description

  • Amount and method of administration: This product is active in acidic, neutral and alkaline environments. The ISD-300 eliminates any disturbing foam that has been created in the color bath, pulp, solvent, or other environments. It should be noted that this anti-foam is recommended for most industries that have a floor problem.
  • The amount of this substance is 0/01 to 0-1%.



Barrels are 100, 50 and 200 kg.