Silicone anti-foam ISD-700W


Anti-fouling ISD-700W This material is an excellent, high-strength modified organic peccilexane emulsion that has no impurities in the production process. This material is suitable for use in paint and inks and water coatings, especially for high-quality coatings and protective coatings also suitable for emulsion polymerization.



Appearance Viscose white liquid
Ionic nature Nanyonik
Nature Polysiloxane emulsion


Applied Description

  • Outstanding insolvency, reliability and flexibility.
  • Multi-purpose anti-foam that is relatively rich in emulsion.
  • Excellent stability, easy to combine and excellent dispersion.
  • Ability to use in alkaline or acidic drinks.



  • Lower darkness compared to organic foam.
  • Tendency to less reaction in the elements process.
  • More shelf life.
  • Compared with other anti-foam, it eliminates bubbles faster.
  • Effective against small bubbles.
  • Improve rheology and storage stability.
  • Given its effectiveness and its sustainability at low levels, it can cost less for consumers.



0.05-0.5 g / liter



"Best Time" of each category is shown on the product label. Maintenance beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. However, it is recommended to check for quality assurance. Emulsions that have a worm-like condition should be shaken well before use.