Mono Ethanol Amine


Rusty and viscous liquid with an unpleasant odor like a fish smell. The absorbent is moisture and reacts with carbon dioxide, which is decomposed by light and oxidized by air, and is yellowish or brown. Corrosive to metal alloys such as rice, bronze, zinc, aluminum, iron. This material should be kept in a cool, dry and ventilated environment away from heat, sparks, flames and environment. In a 220kg barrel and a 200kg polyethylene barrel, it closes. This fluid can cause damage to the cornea and vision disturbances that are seen in the halo or blue fog.


Applications and Uses

This compound is used as an essential ingredient in the manufacture of detergents, emulsifiers, waxes, anti-corrosion coatings and chemical intermediates. For the production of pharmaceuticals, soaps, and chemicals used in agriculture, polishing, paints, rubber accelerators, cosmetics