Profit Perk

Solid and white solid, granite, molded, temperature 1390 ° C and a density of 2.13 g / cubic centimeter. The physical and chemical properties and properties of solid propellant material are solid white and odorless. The melting point of this material is 321 ° C and its boiling point is 385 ° C. This material is considered as a powerful industrial stabilizer for the country's factories. Pericellum also contributes to the solubility of the fat found on the metal surfaces, the floor, and any surface that is referred to as a soap in the chemical term. The slurry chemistry of that tube is open.

Castile benefit can easily absorb moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to protect the skin when it is being transported. The combustible agent is in contact with the corrosive skin and, in order to prevent its effects, should be taken into consideration when used

The flint is white and odorless and is available in the form of flakes, granules or granules. This chemical is highly soluble in water. The caustic solubility in the water is heated and, when dissolved in water, it is heated to a large extent Sodium hydroxide is less soluble in ethanol and methanol, while not soluble in ether and other non-polar solutions.

Package 25 kg