Cotton Baking Soap


High wash and disinfecting power and eliminate all impurities and waxes on cotton. This material is suitable for baking and bleaching viscose cotton and their compounds with polyester. It is also used as a penetrator.



Appearance Yellow liquid
PH 8 ~ 7
Ionic nature Anionics - Nannyonics
Solubility It dissolves in water everywhere


Physical Specifications

  • This material is strong in alkaline environments up to pH = 14.
  • Increases the permeability of cotton and prepares to absorb cotton color.
  • It is compatible with all whitening materials, such as oxygenated water and sodium hypochlorite, and does not weaken their strength.


Applied description


1/5 - 0/5 gr / l depending on the amount of cotton contamination

Continuous and semi-continuous systems

3-1.5% based on the weight of the fabric



It can be used at 25 ° C and away from direct sunlight for one year.