Soluble soap




Appearance Colorless dough
PH 8 ~ 7
Ionic nature Anionic - Nanionic with strong solvents
Solubility It dissolves in water everywhere


Physical Specifications

  • Strong cleaner and stain for all types of polyester, wool, cotton, viscose and nylon fibers and fiber combinations.
  • Strong detergent after polyester dyeing in the rehydration phase and reduces sodium hydroxylation.
  • It has emulsion and dispersant properties and prevents the removal of stains and impurities on the product.
  • A positive result is the removal of stains and the line of oils created in the process of spinning and texture.
  • Can be used in continuous and non-permanent machines for washing fabrics before dyeing and printing.
  • Relative to hard water, as well as alkaline and acidic environments.
  • Does not affect the fabric substrate.


Applied description


  • In baking and bleaching 0/5 gr / l
  • To smear 2 - 1 gr / l


1/5% - 0/75 relative to the weight of the fabric



It can be used at 25 ° C and away from direct sunlight for one year.