Hydrophilic Crescent Silicone Softener


This softener is a modified hydrophilic silicone compound that can be used for natural and synthetic textiles and their compounds, which makes it extremely smooth and slippery on the fabric surface, and is also very suitable for waterproofing and toweling under the arm.



Appearance Clear and colorless liquid
PH 4 ~ 5
Ionic nature Anionics - Nannyonics
Solubility It dissolves in water everywhere


Physical Specifications

  • No slipperiness on the yarn and filling properties.
  • Creates an anti-static property and does not foam during the process.
  • Increases the separability of the cobin.
  • It does not have a negative effect on the color of the ink and does not cause yellowing on the product.
  • Brightening the color and making the surface of the product look brighter and brighter.
  • It has the ability to combine with cationic and nannyonic materials, such as polyethylene, cationic and polyurethane curing agents.
  • It has a good rinse stability.
  • Smooth stability at PH: 4-9.
  • This material can be used in powder and chip method.


Applied description

Capture system

  • Consumption of 4-2 g / lit
  • 5 / 0-6 / 0: Set pH with acetic acid
  • Temperature is 45-40 degrees Celsius
  • Time is 20 minutes

Pad system

  • The consumption rate is 30-10 g / lit
  • 5 / 0-6 / 0: Set pH with acetic acid
  • Temperature 170-130 ° C
  • Time is 3-5 minutes



The holder is susceptible to freezing and freezing, at temperatures up to 25 ° C, away from direct sunlight for 6 months.