Kenz Micro Silicone Softener


This material is suitable for natural and synthetic textiles and their compounds, and it has a great effect on the fabric surface.



Appearance Clear and colorless liquid
PH 6 ~ 5
Ionic nature A little cationic nannyonic
Solubility It dissolves in water everywhere


Physical Specifications

  • It does not have a negative effect on the shade and makes the color clearer. It also makes the surface of the product look brighter and shiny.
  • It is easy to prepare and is suitable for foolad method.
  • Smooth stability in PH: 4-9.
  • It does not create fats and stains, and has excellent washing stability.
  • The ability to combine with cationic and nannyonic materials


Applied Explanations

Capture system

  • Consumption of 4-2 g / lit
  • 5 / 0-6 / 0: Set pH with acetic acid
  • Temperature is 45-40 degrees Celsius
  • Time is 20 minutes

Pad System

  • The consumption rate is 30-10 g / lit
  • 5 / 0-6 / 0: Set pH with acetic acid
  • Temperature is 170-130 degrees Celsius
  • Time is 3-5 minutes



It is susceptible to frost and cold. It can be used at temperatures of 25 ° C and away from direct sunlight for 6 months.