the effect of perfume on recovering memories

The effect of perfumes on retrieving memories

Have you always wondered if you could see a perfume or smell? Bo is one of the most influential cases even in human memory. You feel relaxed even in an environment that is a good smell, or ...

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The most delicate fragrance for Rachel Hertz is the scent of scrub. Of course, he could follow this strange tendency until he remembered driving in an afternoon's Afin Afternoon Afternoon, when he was only five years old. What this neurologist at Brown University can remember is the following: "The sun shone, the crickets sang, and stroked the warmth of my face. When the strange smell filled the car space, Rachel's mother "I'm in love with this smell," she exclaimed happily. At this moment, there was an emotional connection between this cheerful experience and the distinctive smell of mite.


the effect of perfume on recovering memories


Culture of the smells

Although people of a culture are commonly associated with common denominators in generic associations, Hertz, in her new book, Desire, has shown that often the scents lead to specific and personal responses. The principle of universal and universal validity, and of course, often neglected, has a massive effect on our everyday lives.

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The fragrances can have positive and visible effects on mood, reduce stress, improve the quality of sleep, self-esteem, and our physical and cognitive abilities," said Teresa Malner, executive director of the Institute of Sense of Smell, a branch of research and teaching perfume industries. "You can improve your health and wellbeing by seeing how specific perfumes affect your personality, and see the effect of perfume on recovering memories.