Dispersant and disintegrator




Appearance Brown viscous liquid
PH 7 ~ 8
Ionic nature Anionics - Nannyonics
Solubility It is dissolved in any part of the cold and hot water


Physical Specifications

  • In polyester fiber dyeing, it acts as an excellent dispersant and prevents color accumulation.
  • Avoid the accumulation of paint in the walls and nozzles of the dyeing machine and its effect at high temperatures is also desirable.
  • Prevents the formation of oligomeric deposits in the dyeing machine.
  • In the dyeing of wool - polyester, it has a very good dispersing and uniformity and prevents spray paints from dispersing the wool.
  • It has a uniformity and prevents the accumulation and settling of the paint. It is suitable for polyester and polyester composition with other fibers such as cotton, viscose, wool, etc.


Applied description

  • Dyeing of polyester with disperse dyes: l / g 5.1
  • Polyester-wool and acrylic-wool blend dyeing: l / g 1-7



At 25 ° C, away from direct sunlight and heat, it can be used for one year.